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Animal Stuff manufactures affordable, quality cat furniture and pet stairs.  Since 1993 we have supplied moderately-priced, entertaining scratching posts, cat trees, and cat furniture.  Our focus has since expanded to include a unique line of pet steps to benefit cats and dogs of all sizes and ages.  We strive to enhance the quality of life for our feline and canine customers.

 Our step line has increased to more than 15 models.  There is a set of steps designed specifically to accommodate your pet’s size and weight.  Our newest step products are eco-friendly at a reasonable price.  Our Economy Line stairs provide quality, economy, and style.  Our traditional Bear’s Stairs line is the basis for all of our step products.  Bear’s Stairs products are known for their quality, durability, and reliability.  They are an indispensable aid for owners who value their pets’ independence.

 Animal Stuff’s cat furniture is attractive, sturdy, and durable.  Our designs can support large or multiple cats easily.  Larger cat furniture is modular, requiring no tools to assemble.  Animal Stuff’s cat furniture is appealing to cats and is an asset to the owner’s home.  High quality commercial carpet and wood is used in its construction.  We do not use glue, cardboard, or questionable quality wood products.

 Animal Stuff sells its products through authorized dealers.  You may click on the Dealer List Tab for a list of our Dealers.

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